Learn how to purchase expired PR domains and create a WordPress website that is ready to post articles for your own private blog network! Visit http://www.se...

14 Responses to Ultimate Guide To Private Blog Networks – SEO-Experiments.com

  • Ceddy Ced says:

    Crazy Good Video from Experts at SEO Experiments

  • Cut23 says:

    Dude this video was PO WER FUL

  • Caroline Lincoln says:

    Nice share. You know towards the end where you recommend to 301 the 404s to
    a new page, can’t you just use a plugin that automatically 301s all 404
    pages to home page? That would then pass the juice to the front page right?

    Thanks again for the share!

    Edit: Just seen +Roland Maier has shared the plugin I was thinking of…
    that’s the one I used before.

  • Andrew Guida says:

    How To Create Your Own Private Blog Network – Video Tutorial
    Ultimate Guide To Private Blog Networks – SEO-Experiments.com

  • SEOexperiments says:

    Check out the Ultimate Guide To Private Blog Network video by

  • HowToDoStuffVideo says:

    keep make them vids bro them r gud and u handsome boy wun 2 skype? ;)

  • Tom Bab says:

    Don’t waste your time… The best way to get SEO domains is tbsolutions .

  • Mark Reimers says:

    I was wondering if you might save a lot of money and still have the
    anonymity you need by using a reseller account where every site in the PBN
    has it’s own IP?

  • Leon Zapata says:

    Thanks for the great video.

  • How To Sand A Floor says:

    Just been on expireddomains there isn’t quite the abundance there used to
    be, should i just go for worse domains? any advice appreciated :)

  • Andrew Simms says:

    I think you missed the part of checking domains for 302 redirects. I’ve
    been buying domains lately for a client, using teh same method on the
    tutorial but I notice that even if the backlinks shown on ahrefs and other
    backlink checker are all good, when i checked the domains with archive.org
    i am seeing 302 redirects which i believe is a way of faking the pagerank,
    some are deindexed when i do site:domain.com in google, some are redirected
    to another domain when doing info: query

  • DutchKing72 says:

    There are no good domains to be found on expireddomains.net, there all crap

  • Marvin Mendoza says:

    PBN Creation is still one of the most efficient ways to amplify rankings,
    and lexorsoft offers this cool service!

  • Tarik Pierce says:

    Source wave has a good tutorial on this



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