In which John seeks to understand the strange and labyrinthine process used by the Republican and Democratic parties to select a nominee for President, focusing on the great state of Missouri, where the races were close but the delegate counts weren't. Along the way, there's a bit of discussion about political parties in U.S. politics, congressional redistricting and gerrymandering, superdelegates, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.

A little more historical background on the emergence of primaries and caucuses in American politics:

All the delegate math you can handle: and all the primary polls/forecasts you can handle:
Know your superdelegates and who (if anyone) they've pledged to support at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia:
Lots of information on redistricting in Missouri after the 2010 census:
More information on how the Missouri Republican party allocates its delegates for the 2016 Republican convention in Cleveland:

Thanks to Rosianna for illustrations ( and Stan Muller for the video title and help understanding political parties in the U.S.

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18 Responses to Understanding the Primaries: Delegates, Democracy, and America’s Nonstop Political Party

  • Eric Gardner says:

    Delegates are supposed to represent their constituency, NOT their own personal prefaces. That is why we voted them into government positions for in the first place. They are SUPPOSED to be the voice of the people. Is this too hard for politicians to understand? Come on, it is NOT rocket science!

  • bumblebee.kuruma says:

    Aka America is not a democracy it's a republic

  • dan taylor says:

    Just WHY? Why have delegates at all? Party members vote for a leader and that leader is chosen why have conventions and caucuses and primaries? Why? Keep it simple, members vote on a leader that leader is elected and that leader leads the party to power, why make things over complicated?

  • DerSchuschi says:

    I just wanted to add to this conversation, that in Germany we can't choose the nominee of any party neither for chancelor nor for president. They are determined by the leadership of each individual party. And I've got to admit this does not seem to make our system less democratic, but it does make the process of electing a new government substantially less painfully long

  • mranklebreaker12 says:

    I'm a little unsure why he's dwelling on the topic of gerrymandering. Sure it's a flaw in the American political system, but what does it have to do with the primaries? No matter how many republican districts there are, this doesn't affect what candidate their party will pick.

  • Tony The Tiger says:

    what's wrong with America passing a budget? I'm not good w/ political stuff, edumacate meh plez

  • Peter Bellefontaine says:

    Hey I've got an idea! Why don't we make the election rules soooooo complicated that we can hide our corruption in lots of little places instead of one big place and then distract the people from these little things by turning the election into a big glitzy reality tv show that people won't feel guilty watching because it's "Important".

    I can hear the CIA at my door…

  • Thomas Graham says:

    The VLOG Brothers are leftist shills for any candidate the Democratic party throws out. They have no scruples, they have no morals, they have no personal beliefs. They are simple followers, morons, pathetic.

  • Francis K. says:


  • Khalil Mason says:

    Why do we have parties when GW was like, "hey, no parties?"

  • Peter Bellefontaine says:

    What a simple and transparent system! I'm sure theress no corruption at all XD

  • Rodney Michael says:

    Trump…Trump will wield the power.

  • Riya Sen says:

    you speak so fast, can't understand anything

  • Josh Smoron says:

    "Kafkaesque" – my favorite word. Thanks John!

  • Hidden Electron says:

    Its a wonder i dont hear alot of sniffing in his videos.

  • Tessa Mulder says:

    Pals God deep It's swegt video guide

  • Matthew Wang says:

    who is here for delegates in computer science?

  • Geoffrey Wilson says:

    Ironic that the party that complains about the electoral college is the same one that has way more superdelegates



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