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My first video blog posting. After my trip to Italy, I was moved to post some thoughts on painting and teaching painting. Maybe some of it will resonate with you, maybe not! to sign up for FREE.

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My working process is a simple one; I start on location, sketching, photographing and painting. Some of these field studies make their way to the studio. In the studio I use all of that visual information and combine it with the sense or feeling I had for a location and create what is inevitably an abstraction of sorts in that it is not merely a copy of a photo but an interpretation of place. I hope that you enjoy the work!

Om Nom decided to start his own video blog! But as usual, things got a bit out of hand...
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31 Responses to Video blog #1

  • Robert Walls says:


  • Robert Walls says:


  • Robert Walls says:


  • Robert Walls says:

    Spool cuteeeee3eeeeeeee

  • Wins or Fails-ThePlums says:


  • Lance Hallam says:

    wait evrythung is at the end k evryone

  • August Philippe Sigua says:

    Its like 5 hours when i watched this video

  • User Fox says:


  • ADRIFUN! Fajardo M. says:

    hed agd is bdjhsa grurkdhddiiiiiljvjfuigleo

  • Karl says:

    You good money

  • Shahar Sonic says:


  • Wong Siub says:


  • Surprise Kids Tube says:

    Cool video

  • Angelito David says:


  • WildBrain – Kids Videos says:
  • keith moir says:

    Marla, thank you for bearing it all. You Inspire me every time i watch you. Sending lots of good vibes and love. K. Moir (a newbie to pastels).

  • Nancy Owens says:

    Amen Sister. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I so understand and have the same feelings. Remember many many love your work and appreciate all you share with us. 🌸☀️

  • Barbara Vanni Pasi says:

    Buongiorno Marla. Questa volta la traduzione automatica non mi è stata di nessun aiuto … non ho compreso il perché di tanta tristezza. Siete venuti in Italia, io sono in Italia e vorrei capire perché un viaggio che si preannunciava così gioioso sia stato fonte di tanta tristezza. Mi dispiace davvero tanto.

  • Barbara Vanni Pasi says:

    Il mio commento si è mischiato con altri? Non so come sia potuto succedere. ???

  • Joyce Butler says:


  • Joyce Butler says:

    I have learned so much from your you tube posts !

  • Linda Apple says:

    Well, I found you on here a couple weeks ago. I am also one of the artists on Daily Paintworks!
    I was really moved by this vid. I have been living off my art for over 50+ years now and I have to say, I still get many of the same feelings you expressed. I have learned that,for me, it is a default pattern that I fall into when I am having a slump in sales or other life stresses, etc. I don't know if the "not good enough" ever goes away but at least once I know when it is occurring or that it exists, I can confront it and move on. Your vid came up just when I was in the middle of this "default" pattern, so I was shaken back into seeing that "I am not the only one" and that this too will pass.

  • Mary Anne Malkine says:

    I can only speak for myself however I know I share the same sentiment of many others. You have helped me in many ways to spring board off in a world actively participating in art. Thank you. 💚

  • vicki carol says:

    You are a real person and your art -work shows that. We artists always feel inadequate and uncomfortable when we know that others are judging. Every experience is a new experience. We are challenged to be better than we think we are. Stand tall and just move forward. One thing I have learned to do is to forgive my inadequaties write down where I can improve and move forward. I love your art and you too. As one artist to another , smile for what you have achieived . The courage to make this blog shows you have humility a super virture. Thanks for sharing such an honest inner and personal blog.

  • cynthia ward says:

    Sitting here after hearing and seeing you – I hope you really can hear and see just how many of 'us' there are, that think you are just amazing in every way. I am 77 and fell totally in love again……with pastels the last months because of finding you – truly. I am so grateful there is, you….I have no friends that are artists and you are the only one I trust and feel such admiration for. I hope you will understand how not/alone, you are and will regain that feeling of 'wow, look what I can do' – the beauty Marla that you create is astonishing. Please do know and believe this and your smile just lights up a room so stay with the smile and the knowledge, that we all think you are – wonder-full !! Big hug and deep blessings. Cynthia

  • cynthia hubbard says:

    Blessings for your life and thank you for sharing the reality of being fully human, and a vulnerable and creative person. Welcome home. Peace on the journey.

  • Susie Davis says:

    So moved by your courage in sharing your pain, Marla. It resonates strongly with me at a time when physical pain has prevented me painting. Although I continue to be inspired by your beautiful work. Also in tune with your thoughts on travel, the vulnerability of being in a foreign country. Absolutely how I feel myself. You seem a little broken for now but all these comments show how loved you are.

  • Janet Kingwill says:

    Wow… Emotional and real. Thank you. I've learned so much over the year or so I've watched you.. Please know you ha e been such an inspiration. I totally understand that being in a foreign country one is stretched way out of your comfort zone… And you have to nurse your clients insecurities as well as your own. Thank you for sharing…be encouraged and keep painting happily!
    PS the sound was a bit difficult to hear…i so badly wanted to catch every word but some were fudged.

  • Jane Curl says:

    Marla, I just want to say Thank You! Yes, I will move past my fears and paint daily. It was 2009 that you were here in Des Moines, Iowa. I thank you for that the start of my transition journey to create and express my self through Art. I went home created a home studio and have continued to today. My husband said then at the start of the 4-month cancer walk, "You must paint to call your self and Artest". "You must produce art"! He was correct, the process, the connections, the art frees me to enjoy and live. Thank you for a wonderful trip! Thank you for your time, your hugs, your caring, your talent sharing, your teaching, and the Inspiration of it all! You have given life to me in so many ways I Just Love You For All You Do! I Am Forever Blessed by you! I hope and trust all you give will return to you many times over in the most wonderful and beneficial way!

  • Jane Curl says:

    Marla one of the best things about your postings, is knowing I can start my day with you! At any moment I can excuse fear, enjoy my hot cup of coffee with you and begin again. Creative days are the best of days again and again! Thank You!

  • Irina Artamonova says:

    Thank you, Marla, for sharing this ❤️ I am an aspiring pastelist from Moscow, and I have my fears and struggles, feelings of own inadequacy as artist, which I thought professionals like you might not experience… You are very much admired by lots of people who love art here in Russia ❤️ You are a continuous inspiration for us, your art is so full of life and energy! Please take good care. God bless you!



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