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Flip UltraHD Camcorder

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Why Should I Video Blog?
1. To Expand your Reach || More People + More Places
2. It's Inexpensive and eventually Free
3. It's a great was to communicate outside of the moment in which the content was shared
a. People can access it anywhere/ anytime -- forever
4. It lets the world know you are alive
5. It's personal & It's perceived as "Next Level"

Two Kinds of Video Blogs
1. Non-Edited -- Straight Upload
2. Edited

Ten Tips for Better Video Blogs
1. Short + Efficient
2. Fast Edits + Action + Be Animated +
a. Triple the level of energy you normally exhibit
3. Interesting Content
4. Funny Content
5. Educational Content
6. Make sure you videos are Pro-Ghetto not just Ghetto
a. Consider Lighting + Audio
7. Add an Intro + Outro
a. Premade
b. Memorized
8. Clean
a. Avoid Clutter
b. Choose and Set up your shots
c. Be intentional about the background
9. Steady
a. Brace the camera on your body
b. Tripod
c. Monopod
d. Flex Grip Tripod Thing
10. Buzzy + Tagged Well + Described Well

A Complete Video Blogging Set Up (Updated Oct 27, 2012)
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1. Camera
2. Tripod + Monopod
3. Wide Angel Lens
4. Computer + Editing Software

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Good Video Editing software for the Flip Ultra HD?

Five ways to get crack a lackin' video blogging.

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30 Responses to Video Blogging Tips and Tricks | 10 Video Blogging Tips

  • Francisco Gomez says:

    Deaf people would not hear an applause (as you would imagine) so when you want to clap at someone who happens to be deaf, you would raise your hands and twist your wrists as you did at the end of the video. Cheers ;)

  • MatchaKitty says:

    Tessa! Please do a video about how you do your lighting 🙂 I really would like to recreate it but I'm having a hard time placing my softbox <3

  • The Ainsley Channel says:

    Thanks, Tessa! You're so great!

  • Obsolete Solace says:

    Very true and great advice. I record music and yeah I enjoy it, but when I record music and videos, the editing process is the hardest I've ever worked in my entire life. I enjoy it though, which is why I continue doing it 🙂 thanks for the advice, Tessa! you're awesome! And I hope that your channel continues to grow!

  • Underneathsky says:

    Tessa heyo! I've been watching your videos for about 7ish years {woah} and I've recently started to post videos on my channel! {exciting! I know} This video is so helpful so thanks you!

  • Kristie Reddoch says:

    I've been a content consumer for a few years now without ever really seriously trying to create any, but I've recently decided it's something I want to explore, and this video is so helpful!! You always speak truth in your videos, and I love that about you/your channel. Been a big fan of your content for a long time now. Thanks for helping us "smaller" video bloggers out with content like this!

  • John Hoang says:


  • goombanna says:

    Hey Tessa! Just got back to watching your channel after a loooong break (probably like, years… not out of disinterest though!) Glad to see you're still making videos 🙂 I think it's awesome that you're trying to get back to a video a week! I'm still a youtube baby with less than 100 videos, and I just find it SO incredibly difficult to keep pushing out videos when A) Life is crazy and B) When I post them, they don't get too many views, regardless of the work I put in and the promoting I do… I'm very thankful for the subscriber base I do have though! If only I could push past 1000! Anyway, thanks for the inspiration to get back to it!

  • Will ExZ says:

    I guess my favorite vlogger right is Jake Jarvi from the pineappleboyfilms channel, besides episodes of PoPS (his awesome web series) he posts regular updates on sundays. I also watched a lot of Nathan Talbott from WhatIDo channel. But I haven't seen a video of his for long time…

  • Andrew Miles says:

    Just watched this for the 7th time as inspiration for doing things. I just posted my first video. More importantly you and Hitchariide are my idols when it comes to Internet content and you are one of his idols as well! Just last week he hit 70,000 subscribers and he posts a Vlog like EVERY DAY so please go check him out. He is pretty awesome. I have never met him yet I feel like he is my big brother and would do anything for him. So yeah that's all. I ramble

  • Annie Donlon says:

    This was all great and I love the background it looks good

  • Donnaleseonline says:

    very informative. what program or app are you using to edit your videos?

  • Bob Stein says:

    Favorite channel, though I can't believe he's only got 132K subscribers, Matt Harding. Just finished a kickstarter for his 5th (6th?) world dancing tour and will post lots of raw videos of his visits this spring-summer-fall. His last project in 2012 was profound because he went to all the places everyone told him never to go: Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria, Gaza, etc. His message, "The world is safer and friendlier than it seems."

  • Shaneta Spontaneous says:

    You can definitely be my friend lol love your personality ☺️

  • Saurav Wagle says:

    Keeping your tips in mind, i made my first Video Blog.. it's all amatuer stuff but i hope you'll like it.. 🙂
    i just wanted to say thank you for this video.. ☺

  • andifilm says:

    thank you so much for this video! This is why I love youtube so much. it's people like you who create such genuine vlogs that make this community great :)

  • Michael Sykes says:

    preach broooooooooo!!!!!

  • Jeremy Postal says:

    Sean, what pastors/church leaders are killing it as vloggers?

  • Abraham García says:

    thanks for the tips dude. 

  • James Thompson says:

    Thanks for the great info, Sean. It's well worth watching again … so I subscribed. Your unabashed Christian orientation encouraged me. I'd like to find out more about creating informational vlogs as a supplement to my WordPress blog (

  • Philippines Outsourcing Companies says:

    Great video. Thanks for sharing your insights and secrets on video blog guys. Liked the video!

  • David Powell says:

    Great video… Love the information that is being told here. I know that this will help my wife and I with her starting up.

  • Red Book Productions says:

    Great tips! Thanks!

  • Pan Visuals says:

    So what can you do to grow subscribers and views? I made vlogs for a trip to Germany that I thought were pretty good but they have slim to no views

  • KJ Burk says:

    Great video with excellent information for beginner video bloggers! ~ THANKS!

  • Jana Barroga says:

    Your video is excellent:)
    Check out my channel let me know what you think of it?
    Have a gfantasticreat day!
    Subscribe if you like it thanks

  • The Ross's says:

    good tips

  • Chris says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Subaas Baig says:

    Thank you =D! Great vid!

  • Sebastian Rivero says:

    This guy should be in prison for filming while driving



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