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I've been meaning to write an editorial or blog about the recent events in the Nexus community since Skyrim's launch and also to cover a few points regarding...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • BelthasarXI says:

    Great video and lots of helpful ideas about the upcoming update. When I
    first read it I was concerned about what was going to happen to the nexus
    but now I’m not. Thank you for all the hard work that you’ve done. The
    modding community would not be the same with out the nexus. *side note: If
    the damn Nords would just learn to use restoration all of their “arrow in
    the knee” problems would have been resolved.

  • imortalsaga1 says:

    @imortalsaga1 i wasn’t trying to be insulting and DEFINENTLY wasn’t
    agreeing with the other guy

  • Phobos99100 says:

    Nice video, big fan of Nexus. Just a small advise to maybe shorten the
    video to 10 mins, you have to consider the short attention spam from gamers
    lol. FLashy shows made life boring. Nonetheless, good job, keep it up

  • FlinnstonChurchill says:

    17 people missed Robins knee and hit the dislike button

  • Neo Sapien says:

    Just wanted to say I really appreciate all the modders out there! I’d make
    my own mods, but I took an arrow in the knee.

  • Shinaito says:

    r u going to make more vids in youtube like a weakly news or some thing?

  • RollinJoints says:

    Dark0ne if I buy you a new webcam can you upload better quality? 360p is
    hurting my eyes

  • forestcatcrimson says:

    Thanks for the Nexus sites, Robin ! Before Nexus, it was a pain to get/find
    mods all in one place. It’s very much appreciated. 🙂

  • aaron chandler says:

    darkedge42392 idk if you remember im Newlight the guy you ban!!!!!>< look i dont want to fight i want to be unban from the nexus site im sorry for what i did ik it was wrong but plz....lets work this out im trying to be nice and work things out with dont have to unban me all i want is for you to forgive me and be ressonable bout how long im ban......just how long will i be ban from the site before i can come back on?

  • Shetyre says:

    jesus man its long >.<

  • hughpower123 says:

    I used to make youtube videos before i got shot in the knee with an arrow.

  • siraxification says:

    A huge thankyou to Robin and all of your efforts! I have been using the
    nexus’ for years and will continue to do so. Without dedicated (and not so
    dedicated) gamers, modders and supporters none of us would be here right
    now! Keep up the good work everyone! And thankyou all!! Big Kudos!

  • CoDwithSwords says:

    @Xawk4 Yum. lol

  • SymonDymond says:

    Sorry to keep posting. ONE SUGGESTION – I have wanted to donate for some
    time but I am one of the people that have cancelled my paypal account.
    Since they moved more of the operation to their call centre in India they
    have been even more unpleasant to deal with so I dropped them personally,
    and from the business. Could you add some payment options for those of us
    which loathe paypal?. I would even send you a cheque or make a direct bank
    transfer rather than use paypal.

  • coolmzn226 says:

    the fact that alienslof is an admin is more than enough reason to hate all
    of the staff.

  • Anders Sredna says:

    stop being so strict on the site

  • Rodney Terry says:

    Three years later and you’re still a dingleberry licker. When i look at
    someone and they make me feel better about me being me you know your a
    freaking loser. I have to say the recent improvements to your site are a
    real improvement, all those under maintenance screens are awfully pretty. 

  • Freddan Olsson says:

    Is there anyway too be incontact with you Robin. It is of most urgent
    matter and vital for me. Can you find it in your time to have a

  • Dani Doom says:

    So this is the guy in charge. Well All that can be said is Shame on you

  • Jimmie McRustleberg says:

    nexus moderators are everything wrong with humanity all in one place, it’s
    absolutely amazing. this revolting homosexual faggot hasn’t even done
    anything to me nor even banned me because I don’t go on his shit site, but
    I sincerely hope he develops testicular cancer and ends up being locked in
    a rape dungeon for the rest of his sad, pitiful irrelevant life until he
    dies of exhaustion and infected pinprick wounds from deepthroating a cactus
    and being uphill gardened by a glorious reincarnation of Jimmy Savile

  • SoN Gamıng says:

    Nexus Mods Problem! Someone Help me please! Nexus Mods Registration



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