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Hi guys!

Finally, a new video! Sorry that I didn't upload a video previous week, but I'm very busy with exams at the moment. I hope you enjoyed this vlog and seeing a day in my life as a law student! If you wanna see the whole blogpost that I made, go to: http://www.nappyhairz.com/index.php/summerguidebabes-summer-babes-tag

If you have any questions or requests for further videos, let me know in the comments below!

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xo Lilia
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  • ThatLovatic says:

    hey where did you get your planner?

  • Liz Marie Osorio says:

    Lol, I'm not even a law student. I'm trying to be a medical student but these vlogs are life. They motivate me so much because I see you grinding and hustling (while being fabulous). Makes me want to do it too! <3 Subscribed.

  • Ebru Hernandez says:

    Its great bc I want to study law but I have no idea how life will look like for me! I was watching monica geuze cuz i wanna live in amsterdam but I realized thas not representive for students ?? u actually are

  • fatin nurfa says:

    love itt so much..do more ur school vlog

  • Arjun Saralaya says:

    You remind me of Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl!!!

  • Irene Vera says:

    So are you a Pre-law student or Law student? You did mention your bachelors does that mean you already have it or are on your way to get it? Nonetheless, cute makeup!

  • Nasdy Arriaga says:

    you are impresive!!! you work so hard! very inspiring :)

  • Zion Edwards says:

    Debating on law school vs med school, but leaning toward law. This was literally exactly what I was looking for. Loved it! You've earned another subscriber ☺️ wishing you well in your studies.

  • Bierbaum Bookworm says:

    How do you find your bike at the end of the day?! I'd be so lost.

  • hby A says:

    OMG i love ur nails

  • SheLovesLight says:

    i'm an attorney in the USA. I am a criminal defense attorney. This is so cool to see how law school is in other countries. Thanks for sharing.

  • miaow mix says:

    damn..how do u manage ur time by doing all that shit lol

  • WhyDoPeopleRespond AwkwardlyToAwkwardness says:

    Come to America.



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