In this new video I talk about different methods for monetizing your blog using ad networks, Adsense, affiliate links, and branching out to offer products or services to your readers. Leave any questions below!

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15 Responses to Ways To Make Money With Your Blog & Turning Your Blog Into a Business

  • Georgia Mcchrystal says:

    your videos help so much

  • Luxlandscapedesign says:

    very informative! thank you! I'm a baby blogger and I'm inspired to grow!

  • nickersoncmr says:

    Hey Dana! Im doing research presently to start my own blog and came across your video. I loved it, very helpful, thank you. I am ten times more a fan now that I know you're from Canada. I rarely come across Canadian you tubers or bloggers. Super interested in watching more of your channel.

  • TubularTreasures says:

    Love this video! Thank you very much. I've seen a few videos on this topic and this is by far the best, most down-to-Earth, relateable video.

  • Nilesh Parakh says:

    Thanks for Vidieo Gorgious dona

  • Rumana Habib says:


  • Figure Blueprint says:

    Fantastic video i have been blogging for a little while started back up today but getting traffic to it first is the part i need to understand making money right now seem like a way off but thank you for sharing this information with us you have wonderful eyes by the way have a great day

  • Hannah Merrick says:

    Just started my own blog and your videos have been very helpful for me!!! THANK YOU! Xx

  • I Am Mom says:

    I don't even care if I get paid or not. I love writing is a hobby, I love helping people so at the end of the day, I helped them and I Am happy. (BUT) you are a great teacher for blogging and this video is appreciated.

  • Ultra 4k Hd Videos says:

    Love You Charming Sweet

  • Hettie MacDonald says:

    Great tips! Thanks! : )

  • Calypso Haze says:
  • Michael Jewett says:

    Thank you Blog Beautician, this was a great video with great information.

  • Lauren Lewallen says:

    Another helpful hint … Blog and earn commission from blogging! Well, if you are interested in the very thought then make that thought a reality and click the link :

  • Ztravelsinpumps says:

    You are so amazing! I subscribed immediately because someone like you deserves recognition. All of your videos are so helpful and straight to the point. For someone like me, that really needs to learn about all of this due to my field, it feels great to head to one place for it all. You look so lovely btw. Your eye make up is gorgeous and so is your background. Sry if I'm over praising you, I just watched several of your videos and held in all of compliments til the end. LOL THANK YOU!



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