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22 Responses to What I Ate Today! ♥ (Raw Till 4, Vegan, High Carb, Low Fat) | Annie Jaffrey

  • Fashionlove says:

    I have a interesting question Did you see a difference in your mood with
    going raw ? =)

  • dez moustache says:

    My stomach can’t handle these portions though. 🙁 I get full soooo quickly.
    Do you share these dishes with anyone or is that how much you can eat?

  • Ashley Touchston says:

    You’re so lucky you can get dates right in Dubai! I live in America, New
    Mexico, and they cost about $7 for the same size package :c They’re my
    favorite fruit other than bananas so I budget for them every month lol

  • david ulmer says:

    annie, thank you SO much for this and adding the caloric facts :)

  • KasumiKrissTV says:

    Aah, I made a What I Ate Today video too. First time. I did not know how to
    start making videos to spread the vegan message, but just did it like this.
    Also I love to watch vids like this. They inspire me!

  • SalvaPride says:

    My favorite breakfast is creamy frozen bananas blended with pecans in the
    morning! I put chia seed on top :)

  • Amy Walsh says:

    10 bananas???!!! Any gym/nutritionist/weight loss expert I’ve consulted has
    said 0-2 bananas max per WEEK! Also fruit is SO high in sugar I have been
    told 2 portions MAX per day I just don’t understand your nutrition! Too
    much sugar/not enough protein in my humble opinion!

  • ariana jenna says:

    How do you know how many calories you get from each meal??

  • Sandra P. says:

    What oils do you use and you do eat rice and legumes correct?

  • 日比野健一 says:

    Thank you for your continued support.

  • My Easily Amused Kitchen says:

    I LOVE making fruit ice cream with frozen bananas. During the warmer
    months, I love to mix frozen bananas with frozen strawberries and peaches
    with a bit of water. So delicious! So creamy! Soooo good.

  • Boldarling says:

    I try to eat mono meals but get sick of the fruit before I’m full and eat
    another fruit and I can only eat a little at a time so I don’t get that
    much calories any tips on how I could eat more?

  • Jennifer Myers says:

    From a nutritional standpoint, the vitamins contained in all the healthy
    fruits and veg you’re consuming are largely fat soluble, meaning they need
    to eaten with a healthy source of fat (nuts, seeds, etc.) in order to reap
    the benefits. Your avoidance of fat is unfortunate for this reason. Many of
    those vital nutrients aren’t being absorbed since you’re not eating them
    alongside some healthy fat.

  • Daniel29512 says:

    My diet: Meat, meat, meat, and meat.

  • Aurora Michelle Barnabas says:

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    you know with your mind, there are two big pictures of life: The Present,
    and past&future.*
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  • Yaz K says:

    where do you get your protein ???? #DOUCHEBAG lol ahaha just kidding be
    ready for those comments annie !

  • Senniexo says:

    how can u eat so many calories and not gain weight? I get that it’s very
    very healthy and nutritious but 3000 calories seems like way too much

  • TheRawMusician says:

    Love it! :D

  • tlpastro says:

    You should really switch to reusable water bottles… Extremely wasteful to
    be living entirely off of Fiji water bottles. Especially to pour water to
    your smoothie. Just use a normal cup…

  • Eleanor St James says:

    I’m so happy I found your channel! I’m committed to the Vegan lifestyle but
    I have to wait until I go off to university because my parents don’t
    support it. New subscriber right here :)

  • MissTango2 says:

    Loved this video, Annie!! Thank you for sharing xx

  • Amiee Ann says:

    I have followed this lifestyle for 3 years, I am now 16. I feel that No One
    in my family understands my diet! They won’t eat any vegetable unless it is
    coated in butter or cheese, and they think fruit makes you fat! Please do a
    video on how to deal with negativity. 



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