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11 Responses to What I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Blog! | hayleypaige

  • David Skinner says:

    Hey Hayley! This is an insightful and helpful post not just generic tips. I would not have thought about wanting to show my employer, great point. Here's a question, how much material did you have collected before you launched your blog? Did you make it public with only one post or did you write a bunch of posts and then make it public so visitors had more content to read when they looked at the site for the first time?

  • Fallon “FaliBReal” Brooks says:

    Thanks for your info and Congratulations on your wedding and your first child. You can check my blog out if you like I'm still working on it, it needs more content. Thanks

  • Najida Ali says:

    Thank you so much for the advice! When I'm older I hope to invest on my blog and I've really enjoyed it xx

  • Shiffali Kals says: please checkout my new blog!! I talk about beauty, fashion, travel, family and lots more. For all you makeup lovers, be sure to checkout my latest review on Colourpop! Youtube and the internet world have been such a huge inspiration for me, and I have poured my heart and soul into this website. The internet has got me through some of the toughest times in my life and I want to have that sam reach for other people. I'm your typical college student that is lost and confused, but this website is the one thing that I know brings me joy and comfort. I'd appreciate it so much if you checked it out and left me some feedback/decided to join the family. Let me know what you think. Lots of love and hugs are being sent your way! We'd love to have you in our Singh Series family!

  • DailyTechBlitz says:

    Thank you for make this video, it was very helpful. ☺

  • DailyTechBlitz says:

    My blog is

  • Valenda J says:

    This video was so helpful and you are so well spoken and classy. I know this was posted a little while back but I would love your feedback on my blog. It is I just started it a couple months ago and am having so much fun. Thank You again.

  • TLP Magazine says:

    i can only hate.

  • Estefany Ramírez says:

    hi! finally i found a video talking about what i was looking for! thanks, helps me a lot about how to start. I have already a blog, it's in spanish cause it's my mother tongue. :3 It's about illustration. I'm student of grafic design and I'm a kind of terrified but also excited about this new adventure. I hope you can check it out despite the language. Thanks again!

  • Ema Skopin says: check out this blog, my friend and I made it :))

  • Jazmine Capel says:

    What if you are the model for the image but a photographer took them? Can I still use them for my own work since i paid for them or was a part of the image?



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