What is Google's view on guest blogging for links? AJ Kohn, SF, CA Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: http://groups.google.com/a/googleprod...
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  • Marion Cerrato says:

    What is Google’s view on guest blogging for links?

  • Danilo Dillo says:


  • Digital 101 says:

    The official word from Google on Blogging and SEO

  • G+ Community says:

    *What is Google’s view on guest blogging for links?*

  • Lucidity Digital says:

    Will Google Punish a Guest Posting Strategy Due to Unnatural Link Patterns?
    Matt Cutts answers us in this short video
    #seo #seotips #searchengineoptimization #google 

  • BlogginLuv.com says:

    #Google ‘s view on #guestblogging – Must watch

  • John Lessnau says:

    If your +Danny Sullivan or +Vanessa Fox guest blogs good. All you other
    schleps writing crappy guest blog posts bad.

  • Daniel Benny Simanjuntak says:

    *Will Google Punish a Guest Posting Strategy Due to Unnatural Link

    *Of everything Cutts said, the thing that struck me most was when he said,
    “It’s a long and time honored tradition” for writers with expertise in
    certain topics to share content with each other. In other words, it’s
    absolutely acceptable.*

  • Fuzz One Media says:

    *Should you Guest Blog for Outreach SEO or Link Building?*
    +Matt Cutts says Yes / No
    *YES* if there is genuine audience engagement and marketing value
    *NO* if you take a spammy article marketing approach with low quality
    articles and little or no audience engagement intention

    In other-words, invest in HIGH QUALITY copy using HIGH QUALITY writers
    targeting HIGH QUALITY websites with a core intention of increasing your


  • Blane Warrene says:

    On our +BrightTALK session today discussing guest blogging – +Stephanie
    Sammons mentioned Google’s views on guest blogging and how it can be good
    (and bad if spammy)…

    Here is the YouTube video of Matt Cutts discussing this..

  • Eren Mckay says:

    Shoutout to +AJ Kohn for getting his question answered by +Matt Cutts and
    featured in yesterday’s Google Webmasters’ youtube channel.
    A totally relevant and essential question:
    *What is Google’s view on guest blogging for links*?

    #seo #linkbuilding #guestblogging 

  • Daniel Sharkov says:

    Have you ever wondered what Google’s view on guest blogging is?

    Here is a great video, where Matt Cutts explains the good and the bad guest
    blogging practices in terms of SEO:

  • Fuzz One Media says:

    Matt Cutts view on guest blogging for links: Be a “high quality writer” –
    write well and add value to the web… It all goes down to having a good
    strategy for producing and marketing your content!

  • Tyler Tafelsky says:

    So we can’t lose so long as we keep our intentions righteous and our
    content quality high. Although that Cutts is vague mofo, I think our #SEO hat is a cashmere white. That’s
    +Top of Mind | Traverse City Search Marketing.

  • Adrian Bold says:

    To guest blog or not, that is the question. The answer, as always, from
    Google’s Matt Cutts is clear but a shame the search results don’t always
    reflect this utopian view.

  • Kevin Kohl says:

    How to build reputation with Guest Blog Posting

    Why Guest Blog Posting is so important because the links from these only
    can be earned by writing unique posts. +Matt Cutts video
    http://youtu.be/IMxC3wQZOyc shows that its valid way loved by Google as

    http://www.blog-posting.com on topic guest blog posting services by
    communicating with each blog owner and editorially earned posts with
    strategic partnerships with high quality blogs #guestblogging #guestpost

  • Techmagnate says:

    Is your guest post telling Google who wrote it?
    No? Make sure you add a relavant author bio
    If Google identifies that the guest post is written by spammers, the blog
    will be penalized.
    Check out what Matt Cutts has to say-

  • Chandler Jones says:

    Guest blogging has it’s own set of checks and balances built into it,
    doesn’t it? No blogger is going to want to accept a crappy guest post from

  • Devani Anjali Alderson says:

    Great video on how to properly guest post and how Google views guest
    posting and link dropping … while there isn’t any strict guidelines to
    guest posting, there are some do’s & don’ts you might want to check out.

    #Google #GuestBlogging #LinkDropping #GuestBlogTips #SEO #BacklinkingTips

  • speckyprick says:

    It’s brilliant how NATURAL your top comments appear on nearly all SEO
    videos with 21 (give or take) thumbs up. I wish I had 21 accounts to boost
    my comments!

  • Sonja Tilton says:

    I totally don’t get this. How does the google search engine know if someone
    is writing a “high quality” post or not? The only thing two things he
    mentioned were number of words, and whether they posted to more than one
    blog – neither one of which has anything to do with whether or not the post
    had original content and useful information. There seems to be some
    code-speak here going on that I’m not getting.

  • Absolute Digital Media says:

    What’s #Google’s view on #guestblogging? It works great as long as its high
    quality and genuine. Share your guest #blogging experiences with us.

  • Doug Walker says:

    One important thing that wasn’t addressed in this video was the fact that
    many companies large and small are paying agencies to conduct link building
    activities using guest posting. Yes, these posts are high quality, add
    value and appear on high quality sites, but they are 100% manipulation
    because their main purpose is really to get links. Gaming Google has
    certainly become harder, but it is alive and well among even the best

  • Dominic Salisbury says:

    Hello sonja, Google doesn’t just look for specific key words, they take a
    lot into account when deciding if the post is high quality, they compare to
    other content across the internet, check the reputation of the site your
    post appears on, and i think most importantly, they look at context. By
    that i mean they ensure key words are used in the right context, with good
    content and that the post is free flowing, natural and is easy for a user
    to understand.

  • Yugandar Beperfect says:

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