Why You Need a Graphic Design Blog

Why You Need a Graphic Design Blog http://youtu.be/9FMu0CLn2Gc
If you want to become a successful Graphic Designer, learning how to properly market and promote yourself is important and a Design Blog is a good start in building your personal brand.

You can read my full article on HOW DESIGN here:

You may think that if you plan to work a 9 to5 as a Designer instead of becoming a Freelancer that this excludes you from needing to develop and leverage a personal brand and do things like blogging and social media, but you'd be wrong about that.

Every designer or creative professional needs to build and leverage a personal brand if they want to have some control over the direction of their career and create opportunities for themselves.

It gives you the power to "dictate the narrative" where your career is concerned. You can establish yourself as a name and trade on that value over and over again to command respect and compensation. You can create a demand for your services.

If you end up leaving your design job, how do you get the next one? How do you get on the radar of another company without even having to put in an application?

Creating awareness of yourself, commenting on the Graphic Design industry and earning the respect of your peers is how you do that. Eventually you scale this to earn the respect of other industry leaders.

It's not just other designers that follow me in Social Media, its' agency executives and owners, creative directors, art directors, marketing executives, companies in the creative industry like Adobe.

That social equity can become leverage in gaining a new job or negotiating your salary as a graphic designer. This is something people used to have to do by writing a book or being published in a magazine. Now it is a lot simpler.

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25 Responses to Why You Need a Graphic Design Blog

  • angelhbkghellen says:

    waaaaa! thanks!

  • Nage Drake says:

    Aaa, I love your videos, girl!
    Fingers crossed that I get to study GD next year. 🙂 (University of the Arts, London – high hopes!)

  • Animegal6 says:

    wow this is awesome! Totally useful!!! I'm hoping to go for graphic design/advertising in college, this should help with composition products in my studio art class!

  • Kelloshot says:

    was i the only one who was waiting for her to peek back into the shot at the end? lol

  • Sabrina Wingren says:


    Can I use your Graphic Design without a Computer video in a lesson that I created for teacherspayteachers? It is used in high school and middle school classrooms to teach students about the hierarchy of design. It is a paid product though and I wanted to check. Thanks, Sabrina Wingren

  • RaGeTheMaGnificent says:


  • SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

    I met one graphic designer who got out of the industry when it became computerized

  • abdul rehman says:

    please tell me the best graphic designing book for basic level

  • Amirah T says:

    Karen you are officially my graphic design buddy who is challenging me to be a better graphic designer. Thank you for your videos.

  • Felicia Follum says:

    my first graphics class was all off the computer until the last project…we used photo copiers a lot

  • 98thFX Graphic Designer says:

    Can you please tell me a good imac I can buy please I only have 1,500 dollars and I need to design and edit videos please help me out

  • Arslan Khalid says:

    Very nice bro. (Y)

  • Boksy Socks says:

    I currently take care of my Behance account and my Facebook page, and I think it's enough for now. I may do a website/blog in the future, when I start doing "serious" work, because so far I haven't really gotten a legit design gig yet…I'm keeping these two places active so a potential first client could find me and see what I do.

  • rafael c. armstrong says:

    Couple of additional thoughts– Keeping a blog could be used as a complement or intro to your portfolio/book, since a lot of times (as you mentioned), potential employers or clients will go and search online first (in the past, I've had people contact me because they found me through one of the Social platforms).
    Also, I like the idea of controlling the narrative. It amazes me how often people put potentially damaging stuff (professionally, at least) online through the stuff they post– whether it's on FB, a tweet, a photo on Insta. I recall seeing first-hand someone posting about getting a DUI citation, and thinking if I were looking to hire someone, they would most certainly be out of the running on that alone. People forget that once it's online, it's there forever– regardless of what privacy settings you may put. If someone wants to get at that info, they will.

    Anyway, gotta run for now. Thanks for another awesome vid! #createawesome

  • rafael c. armstrong says:

    Yes. Yes, you do. And +Roberto Blake explains very well why.

  • Kevfactor says:

    search result for my name comes up with this badass UK artist lol

  • Brandon Halliburton says:

    How do you know who to target with your content? I've been wanting to start my own blog, but I haven't decided who want I want to target.

  • Eric Rossi says:

    Hey man you have some great content, I subbed back.

  • Blue-Rayz3r D says:

    He Roberto Do you think you do can a video and provide some links on the Principles and elements of graphic design? Im trying to get started with the basics first so I can get my graphic design skills up

  • Pala Lor says:

    Hi roberto, recently I was moved out of a department that I recently applied but I was pulled back to fill in for a different department due to people quitting bc we are now short on staff . However, with my passion for designing I was still able to come up with ideas to help grow the business which I had showed my boss on some of my designs for tshirt. Which she likes it but I'm not given the time to work on it bc they are putting me into a different department instead of where I really need to be. So since my boss/mananger are not acknowledging any of my work what can I do to grow on my own besides freelancing if they are not going to give me any opportunities.

  • Seana Sparkle 2 says:

    hmm, I'm using a blog for my portfolio. I have tabs to click on to view different types of work I do. So my work is posted as blog posts. But I don't know what to post about design if I use it as an actual blog too.

  • Andrew Jones says:

    My students watched this video in class today and the one about do you need to goto college video. They really loved them, thank you Roberto!

  • Gilberto Henriquez says:

    Where can I get one of those shirt??

  • M Garcia says:

    i want to start my first blog, but not sure which social media site to use, my teacher advised tumblr or flicker, what would you advise?

  • Skada says:

    Would you recommend getting our own domain, or using an already established blog site such as tumblr?



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