Blog design is one of the most critical components of a WordPress blog. Find out how to create and upload a...

4 Responses to WordPress Blog Design Tips – Custom Headers & Plugins Part 1

  • Dean Ethridge says:

    I’m just using Powerpoint. Nothing fancy. Thanks for the comment Matt. Best
    of luck to you!

  • Matt Dempsey says:

    Hey Great vid, what header program are you editing with?

  • Minh Tran says:

    I simply go to Fiverr and order this GIG that will help me create a Website
    Header Image in minute: Well, it will save
    time than you did everything yourself I think. Why do we have to design
    ourselves, just let the experts do their work. Good luck!

  • Hektor Overton says:

    I am a web developer and I just recorded a bunch of video tutorials for
    wordpress users. It definitely is the most complete wordpress course ever
    created. You can find a link to this training course on my channel. check
    it out.



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