How to be an Affiliate Marketer without having a Website

How to be an Affiliate Marketer without having a Website

Not every affiliate marketer has a website, at least not in the beginning. Sure, you will probably want to have one or more websites to promote your products but if you need to make some money before you can pay to have a website then you can do it with affiliate marketing. Try your hand at the following until you have a website. You may find that after you do get your own website that you wish to continue some of the following affiliate marketing methods as well.

Article Marketing

Many affiliate marketers use article marketing to promote their affiliate products, even those affiliate marketers that do have their own websites. Thats because, if you have a talent for writing, article marketing is a relatively easy way to promote your products. Some affiliate marketers even pay writers to write articles for them so that they can participate in article marketing.

The basic premise of article marketing is to write informational articles about your products and then submit those articles to article directories. While not all article directories will let you include an affiliate link in the actual article, you will be permitted to do so at the end of the article in what is known as the resource box. This is the place where you can include a short bio and direct readers to the pitch page or sales page of your product if you dont have your own website. Again, even if you do have your own website, article marketing is a good way to get free advertising for your site.

Discussion Forums

If your product has anything to do with a relatively popular subject, there is bound to be online forums that discuss the subject. You can join these communities for free and many of them will let you include a link to your website or to the website of the product you are promoting. The key to being successful at forum marketing is to become a valued member of the online community. Anyone who posts just to sell a product will immediately be shown the door so dont try joining an online forum just to post messages about how great or how cheap your product is. Instead, join in the discussion, and when you really have something relevant to say, enter a post and include the link to your products sales page at the end of your post.

Forum marketing is a popular way Internet marketers and affiliate marketers use to drive traffic to their sites. And remember, even if you dont have your own website yet, you can post links that will lead right to your products sales page and when others make a purchase, youll make a commission!

Other Methods

There are also other methods you can use in your affiliate marketing business when you dont have your own website. You can purchase advertising on someone elses website, write an ebook that contains links to your products and develop an email campaign. Still, it is usually best to use several different methods, at least until you find the one that works best for you but you can begin your career with affiliate marketing without a website.

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