Keep Your Affiliate Marketing Business Organized

Keep Your Affiliate Marketing Business Organized

Affiliate marketing is a business just like any other and like every other business, organization is an important key to the success of the business. From the very beginning, youll want to practice good affiliate management strategies and techniques. Although it may not seem like it in the beginning, you will amass a huge amount of information regarding your affiliate marketing business and time spent looking for information later could cost you money.


Using spreadsheets is an effective way to keep track of your affiliate marketing business. Even if you dont currently have a spreadsheet application on your computer, there are free ones available online so dont think you have to run out and buy software for affiliate management.

If you already know how to use a spreadsheet, then youll be able to jump right in but if you have never used a spreadsheet before, dont be intimidated. You wont have to know complicated formulas or spreadsheet applications in order to keep your information organized.

Keep it Simple

A spreadsheet is essentially nothing more than a grouping of rows and columns. While most spreadsheet applications can do much more than indicated here, all you really need is simple organization for your affiliate marketing business. You need to keep track of which affiliate marketing programs you are using, your affiliate links, user names and passwords for each program, information about commission rates, and, of course, youll also want to keep track of sales.

Bookmark Websites

Take the time right from the beginning to bookmark all of the websites that are important to your affiliate marketing business. In fact, dont just add them to your favorites, but create corresponding folders within your favorites folder so that you can easily find the sites you are looking for. If you dont take this step, youll find yourself searching through hundreds of websites when you need to find the one youre looking for.

Set up Your Email

It is crucial that you have a reliable email program that you can organize effectively for your affiliate marketing business. Sometimes, the companies that you represent will run special promotions for a very short time and they will send out email notices to all their affiliates. In order to make sure you receive these notices, youll want to set up filters, add the appropriate email addresses to your address book, and make sure that you are using an email provider that filters out the bulk of the Spam youll receive.

Affiliate marketing really is a fun business to get involved in and the potential to make a nice income from it is promising. Realize, though, how important affiliate management is from the very beginning and youll be on your way to affiliate marketing success!

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