What Affiliate Networks are and Why You Should Consider Using Them

What Affiliate Networks are and Why You Should Consider Using Them

Affiliate networks house many opportunities for affiliate marketers in one location. Instead of one affiliate program for one company, affiliate marketing networks act like malls; several companies are represented and the affiliate marketer can choose which products and which companies to represent. The network keeps track of sales and pays the affiliate marketer. Once a marketer signs up with the network, he or she can then begin affiliate marketing the products they choose without having to sign up or register with the individual companies.

Digital Products

Some affiliate networks market digital products and others market physical products. Some market a combination of the two. Buyers are able to download digital products immediately after purchase; these products may range from ebooks to diet solutions to ringtones and more. Sellers are able to track their sales using tools the network provides. In addition, before affiliate marketers choose which products theyll promote, they are able to see how well the products are selling and have a look at the products sales page.


The rate of commission, or referral fees, as they are sometimes called, can vary widely with affiliate networks. One product may give you a 25% commission while another product may pay a 75% rate of commission. While it may seem like a no-brainer to choose the product that pays the higher rate of commission, that is not always a good idea. This is true not only for affiliate networks but for all affiliate programs. Think about it: just because a product pays a high rate of commission doesnt mean youll make more money promoting it. After all, 75% of zero is still zero. What you are looking for is products that sell so be sure and look at the rate of conversion when you have the opportunity to do so.

Get One Paycheck for Promoting Multiple Products

One of the advantages to working your affiliate marketing business through affiliate networks is that youll be paid for the sales of all your products at one time from one company. Therefore, it may be more convenient for you to associate yourself with an affiliate network rather than with multiple companies. It may come down to which products you are willing to promote; if you are already marketing in a certain niche then you may need to look for products that will go along with that particular niche. One thing is certain: since it costs nothing to be an affiliate marketer, experimenting is essentially free of charge. While you may spend a little time narrowing down your choices, you wont have to put up an investment to test the waters.

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