A common sales page goof

A common sales page goof

There are a billion and one different ways to improve the performance of your sales page. There are so many different variables at play that trying to list them all would be an exercise in futility.

Have you ever wondered why top copywriters can command a fortune for their efforts? That’s why. Those guys and gals know all of the ins and outs of maximizing conversions.

Here’s an example of one common sales page goof people often overlook. You can couple a great design with a good headline and well-written text and still underperform. That can happen when you fail to approach your sales letter with your probable customers’ interests and wants in mind.

You see it all the time, if you’re looking for it. Sales letters that contain so many extraneous details and that go off on tangents that are obviously more interesting to the author than to the target audience.

It’s easy to make that mistake and it can be hard to spot after you pour your heart and soul into a pitch. You need to think about it though. Make sure every word of your sales letters are written with customers in mind. Don’t spend a moment thinking about your interests or perspective. Lock into theirs and you’ll end up with much better results.

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