Abusing your list with gimmicky headlines

Abusing your list with gimmicky headlines

You can’t make money with a list when its members aren’t opening your email. Mailboxes are overflowing and it’s far too easy to send out an email with a title so unremarkable that it never gets opened. That’s a profit killer.

Your email needs a good title. You want to attract attention and to encourage people to open the message. If you can get your open rate up, it stands to reason that your profits should increase along with it.

Unfortunately, that’s led some marketers to rely on gimmicky headlines. These titles might increase open rates, but they don’t have the desired effect. People will open You have a sale emails or messages that claim some kind of emergency is afoot. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to come up with email titles that people will feel compelled to open.

When they find out the contents don’t match the title, however, they’re a lot more likely to unsubscribe than they are to make a purchase.

Write good titles. Attract attention. Don’t abuse your list with gimmicky approaches, though. That’s the one time when an increased open rate won’t be good news!

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