Are you working with the right publishers?

Are you working with the right publishers?

Are you, as an affiliate marketer, really working with the right publishers? It makes a difference. Some publishers create circumstances that provide you with a great opportunity to profit. Others just dial it in, limiting the effectiveness of your affiliate efforts.

A good publisher is going to do more than offer a good product. He or she is also going to offer a good sales page. Even the most skilled affiliate will have a hard time moving a product if the sales page is a dog. Obviously, a top-notch publisher will respect affiliates enough to provide a reasonable commission, too.

A good publisher is going to go the extra mile, too. He or she is going to offer real resources to affiliates to make things even easier. We’re talking about good graphics, sample content, support and anything else an affiliate might be able to use to increase sales.

If you’re not working with the right publishers, you might want to survey your niche again in hopes of finding a better alternative. Smart publishers understand that they need to do their best to take care of affiliates in order to maximize everyone’s profits.

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