Bad copywriting mistakes to avoid

Bad copywriting mistakes to avoid

Let’s preface this post by reminding ourselves that copywriting is a true art form. The best copywriters have an understanding of persuasion, are skilled in the use of words, and have developed a knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

Most of us will never be top-notch copywriters. Nonetheless, most of us will find ourselves doing some copywriting as we grow our Internet marketing businesses. In recognition of that fact, let’s look at two common bad copywriting mistakes to avoid.

One common error among novices is assuming that the readers will have some understanding of product benefits. We mistakenly believe that the advantages of our product are self-evident or we’re reluctant to take the time to state the obvious. That’s a mistake. Even if the reader is aware of the benefits, seeing them in black and white can reinforce them and create that buying mood.

Another mistake is failing to abide by quality usability guidelines. Your sales page isn’t worth a thing if no one is going to read it and studies show that people won’t struggle with a poorly constructed message. A lack of white space, dense paragraphs, lines of text that are too long, poor font selection and other structural considerations can doom an otherwise fine piece of copy.

If you’re going to try your hand at copywriting, remember that structure matters and that you should always shine a light on product benefits. Those actions may not turn you into a greater writer, but they’ll definitely help.

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