Can you live without search engine traffic?

Can you live without search engine traffic?

Search engine traffic is the holy grail of Internet marketing. It’s targeted. It converts. It’s free (at least in the sense that you aren’t forking over cash for every click). The downside? It often requires what feels like a Herculean effort to rank effectively in competitive niches. It also requires a little patience.

Maybe you aren’t interested in doing the work necessary to appeal to Google. Perhaps you want instant results instead of spending time building a good SEO infrastructure. Can you skip search engine traffic altogether.

Absolutely. It’s possible to live without search engine traffic. There are a variety of different ways to drive traffic that are wholly independent of organic search engine rankings. You can rely on a variety of advertising methods, including PPC options. You can use social media tools and other web 2.0 methods to bypass search engine ranking concerns.

Here’s the rub: Unless you’re willing to pay, it’s going to be hard to play. The only way to generate a truly significant and consistent flow of visitors will involve advertisingand that’s going to cost you.

That’s why so many people eventually come back to hunting for the holy grail. The up-front effort and time considerations don’t seem all that unbearable when you compare them to the often substantial costs of generating traffic without the search engines.

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