Claim your free Internet land

Claim your free Internet land

If someone was handing over free chunks of real estate in decent neighborhoods with very few conditions on its use, would you take advantage of it? I think most of us would hop on that opportunity in a heartbeat.

Interestingly, though, many Internet marketers are failing to grab their chunks of free virtual real estate. There are many ways to build free pages and sites that can fuel your business.

There’s nothing quite like owning and controlling your own domain. That should always be at the core of your business. However, there’s nothing wrong with supporting and enhancing your own site’s performance by taking advantage of the free real estate you can find online.

Are you using Squidoo lenses? HubPages? Do you have a hosted blog? What about PageFlakes? Tumblr? All of those resources (and literally hundreds more) can help enhance your business. And they’re all free. Many of them can be used efficiently and effectively with very little effort, too. They don’t need to be a time suck that will distract you from your main site.

You don’t want to build your whole enterprise on the potentially shifting sands of free land, but you should take advantage of solid opportunities as they present themselves. Grab and use your free Internet land.

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