Improving your IM machine

Improving your IM machine

A successful Internet marketing business is a lot like a machine. It’s an assembled collection of individual parts working to perform a singular functionsales. An IM business is, in essence, a sales machine.

If there’s one thing we know about machines, it’s the fact that they can be improved. T hat’s why you don’t see Model Ts on the cover of Road and Track these days. It’s the reason why you don’t have to do laundry on a washboard. We can improve machines.

When you stop looking at IM as some kind of soft magic and view it as a collection of gears, spokes, springs and wires, it changes your outlook toward the business. Suddenly, it’s less about personal aggrandizemet or tricks and it’s more about making smart adjustments and fine-tuning individual components for maximum performance.

Are you improving your IM machine? Are you looking at both the whole of your approach and those individual pieces? Are you constantly striving to make improvements? If you are, congratulations. If you aren’t, you’re setting yourself up to be the only guy in town with a rotary telephone while everyone else is using an iPhone.

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