Outsourcing and the golden rule

Outsourcing and the golden rule

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to free up your most important assetyour timeand to improve your bottom line. Hiring others to handle mundane or specialized functions within your overall Internet marketing plan can be a shortcut to amazing financial success.

In order for it to work, however, it must be done the right way. That involves a lot of different considerations. You need to know how to hire and who to hire. You need to develop the right organization skills. You also need to approach your contract workers with the right attitude.

Too many marketers deal with contractors as if they’re robots. They make demands. They communicate with them in a superior tone. They don’t handle disagreements or questions with civility. It’s sometimes as if outsourcing turns otherwise nice marketers into whip-cracking monsters. That often results in arguments, slow work, and even shoddy products.

That’s not the best way to make outsourcing work for you. You should approach those with whom you’re working with respect, civility, understanding and decency. That’s the best way to forge valuable, lasting relationships and to encourage the best possible work from contractors.

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