Plans vs. Ideas

Plans vs. Ideas

Ideas are important to success in Internet marketing. A great idea can spark a chain of events that results in high-profit ventures. The right idea can even form the foundation of an entire business. Ideas are essential and valuable.

But ideas won’t make you much money in and of themselves. They don’t stand up by themselves. If you don’t address and idea with action, it won’t help your business a bit.

That’s why the best marketers combine plans with ideas.

A plan is an outlined approach designed to organize and direct the implementation of an idea. It lays out, step by step, by what needs to happen in order to breathe life into a great idea. A plan spells out what must be done. It’s not just a vague idea of how to handle a situation.

An amazing number of Internet marketers fail to ever see a penny of profit. In many cases, that has nothing to do with a paucity of ideas. Plenty of unsuccessful marketers have had absolutely stunning ideas. What they’ve lacked has been a plan to put that idea into operation.

Having ideas is great. Having a plan is just as important. Having both is a recipe for success.

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