Small adjustments produce big changes

Small adjustments produce big changes

Small adjustments can produce massive changes in performance when it comes to Internet marketing.

Marketers have reported substantial improvements in conversions just by changing a few words in a headline. Moving a graphic on a landing page can lead to a wild increase in sign-ups. Changing a title on an article can be the difference between page one in the SERPs and page fifty-one.

Like the song says, little things mean a lot.

That’s great news in the sense that it means we can all work to improve the performance of our projects. It can also be frustrating news because it means that we might just be one small move away from greater success.

No matter how you look at it, though, it’s clear that an attention to detail can spell the difference between huge paychecks and regular frustration. You can’t possible spend all of your time piddling with minor adjustments, but it is important to understand that you might be able to improve performance with a few small tweaks and adjustments.

Make a point of revisiting established projects. Review them and look for potential areas of improvement. Experiment with them. You might just stumble upon that little change that will make a huge difference to your bottom line.

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