The value of focus

The value of focus

I’m going to tell you the biggest secret to making a living online. This is the one moneymaking gem of wisdom that separates the big winners from that unsightly collection of also-rans.

It’s focus.

Here’s the deal. Internet marketing is stuffed to the point of near-explosion with great opportunities. There are so many different core ways to make money that it’s hard to believe sometimes. Each of those general strategies can be approached in many different ways. People are coming up with new ideas every day.

It’s a lot of potential, a lot of information and a lot of temptation.

The trick to making Internet marketing profitable is developing a mindset that will let you move through this minefield of temptation un-scarred. It’s focus: choosing a plan and implementing the plan.

Many failed marketers put in the work necessary to make a living. Their mistake was spreading all of that effort across a series of projects that never reached fruition. They lacked follow-through. They lacked focus.

If you don’t see things through to completion, you’ll never get the results you want. The successful marketers follow through. They maintain focus.

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