Three keys to maintaining your reputation and credibility

Three keys to maintaining your reputation and credibility

Reputation and credibility matter a great deal when it comes to Internet marketing. Although there are scammers who can blow their reputations and still find ways to make money, it requires a great deal of work and a complete lack of conscious to follow that route.

Most of us recognize that our long-term interests will be best served by creating and maintaining a positive reputation. Here are three keys to getting the job done.

First, don’t sell out your principles for quick profits. Resist the urge to peddle a truly valuable commodity (your reputation) in pursuit of smaller quick profits. Always keep your mind on the big picture.

Second, admit mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone understands that. Don’t let your pride or fear of embarrassment stand in the way of admitting errors. The fallout from covering up or lying about miscues is always greater than facing up to them. The Internet marketing scene has a substantial population of people who will be more than willing to call you out on your dishonesty if you don’t just ‘fess up in the face of a blunder.

Third, consider your associations. When you’re considering JV partners or other people with whom to work, keep their reputations in mind. You don’t want to be associated with the bottom of the barrel and that means not teaming up with those who have credibility issues or honesty problems.

With a little bit of work and discipline, you can maintain a positive reputation that will help you to create a rock solid Internet marketing business.

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