Three reasons to love affiliate marketing

Three reasons to love affiliate marketing

Money. Money. Money. Those are three good reasons to love affiliate marketing, right?

Well, actually that’s true. You can make a bundle as an affiliate. That’s not what we’re talking about, though. I wanted to take a moment to outline three great aspects of being a product affiliate.

First, you are completely free from the burden of product creation. You don’t have to come up with a great idea and you don’t need to write a fantastic ebook. That’s all on the publisher/product owner. Your only obligation is to drive quality traffic to the sales page. That cuts out a lot of the work, giving you time to concentrate your efforts on that singular goal.

Second, you don’t deal with customer service issues. If someone has a problem with the product or a question about how to make something work, they take it up with the vendor?not you. If you’ve ever dealt with the headaches that come with customer service you’ll understand why this is such a huge perk.

Third, you don’t need to deal with inventory or delivery. You don’t warehouse or store a thing. You don’t spend your time handling shipping. When you’re dealing with digital products, you don’t even have to email the customer or set up a download page. Once again, the workload is chopped down to size, giving you a chance to focus on securing and directing traffic.

Affiliate marketing isn’t a perfect model for everyone and it’s true that some people have found that being the product creator is the best way to make the really, really big money. However, there are ways to make a bundle as an affiliate and doing so comes with some big advantages.

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