Three traffic-producing new opportunities

Three traffic-producing new opportunities

Once upon a time, you had two ways to drive traffic to your site. You could either pay for it by implementing an advertising campaign or you could try to build a site the search engines would love in order to get traffic from them. The maturation of the web has led to a third means of generating traffic. Social media and other web 2.0 strategies represent a potentially efficient and effective way to secure visitors.

Here are three examples of leveraging these options to your advantage.

Twitter. Twitter, often described as a micro-blogging platform, allows you to develop relationships and audiences easily and free. If you handle this opportunity the right way, you can turn the service into a traffic driver that delivers targeted customers.

YouTube. Video continues to gain steam as it becomes easier to produce and as users have greater levels of accessibility. When done the right way, a short homegrown video can produce a great deal of trafficoften more than a similarly-targeted traditional article.

FaceBook. Sometimes it seems like everybody is on FaceBook. Between its ease of use and that old six degrees of separation concept, it’s easy to build a profile that many people will see. Plus, you can integrate everything else you’re doing with your FaceBook account.

Advertising and SEO still bring home the bacon for most marketers, but social media is really beginning to have an impact. If you’re not involved, you should be!

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