Three ways to get banned from Adsense

Three ways to get banned from Adsense

If you don’t play by rules, Google won’t hesitate to yank your Adsense account. Once they do ban you

from the program, it’s tougher than you might think to ever worm your way back into their good graces.

Even if you don’t plan on making contextual advertising a key component of your business, you should have and maintain an Adsense account. That means you should definitely look out for three of the most common goofs that can lead to an account ban.

Self-clicking. This is the biggest one and it’s probably the #1 reason for account removals. You simply can’t click on the ads displaying on your web sites. Resist the urge. Don’t do it. They will figure it out and they’ll close down your account.

Presentation blunders. You can’t blend the ads into your site to the point where they look like non-sponsored content or part of your site navigation system. There are rules regarding the use of graphics near the ads. Slip ups in these departments might just convince someone to drop a dime on you with Google or they might find out on their own. It can lead to a ban. Read the terms of service.

Sleazy tricks. You click my ad and I’ll click yours arrangements with another publisher or more complicated schemes based on the same principle are a good way to get the ax. As much as we’d like to pretend otherwise sometimes, Google is staffed with smart cookies who write great code. They figure these things out and they dole out bans when they do.

Keep your Adsense account intact and in good standing. Read the TOS carefully and play by the rules. There’s no reason to find yourself banned from using the number one contextual ad program just because you were sloppy or looking for an angle.

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