Three ways to get great testimonials for your product

Three ways to get great testimonials for your product

Social proof sells. If you tell me that you have something great to sell me, I’m going to listen. The whole time, however, I’m going to be thinking about the fact that you have a lot to gain by persuading me. I’ll be aware of your biases.

Even if I trust you, I’m going to filter everything you say through my knowledge that you have a vested interest in getting me to open my wallet.

If someone else tells me how much they loved your product and how great it is, I’m going to be more interested. If I keep hearing that message from third parties, I’m going to be even more receptive to your sales pitch. I want to know that you’re telling me the truth, and the kind of social proof we get from testimonials helps a lot in that regard.

If you’re selling a product, you should be showcasing testimonials from people who know and love that product. You see those testimonial boxes on sales pages all of the time for a reason. It works. It helps for prospective customers to know that you’re not the only person in love with your product.

How do you get testimonials? Here are three easy ways to stock up on the kind words that help sell.

Freebies/Review Products. Hand out a few free copies of your product before you launch. In return, ask for comments, recommendations, etc. If you have a good product, you’ll get good feedback that you can use (with permission, of course) to support your sales pitch.

Ask Leaders. Go out of your way to ask a few leaders in your niche to take a look at what you’ve done and see if you can get their endorsement. If you can couple a good sales page with a thumbs-up from a respected figure in the field, it can really boost sales.

Quid Pro Quo. Offer to trade reviews, assessments and honest testimonials with other product producers. You don’t want to play a sleazy game of I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine, but it’s perfectly acceptable to exchange honest opinions. If you have a good product, that honest opinion should be positive.

Social proof sells. Do what you need to do to create it in your offers!

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