Two simple market research tricks

Two simple market research tricks

The basic theory of niche marketing involves finding a niche, learning what they need and then supplying them with a product that meets that need.

That sounds simple, huh? Well it is. In theory. In practice, however, market research can be a lot of work and has even been known to cause an occasional headache. As such, every Internet marketers should appreciate handy shortcuts for market research. Here are two.

You can get a good idea of what people really want by studying them and analyzing their behavior. Or, you could just ask them. Asking works. If you’re able to find a group of people who are heavily involved in your chosen niche, find a way to put a survey in front of them. Ask them what they have and, more importantly, what they need.

Sometimes, if you know where to look, you don’t even need to ask anyone. They’ll come right out and tell you what they really want. If you look at niche-specific forums and search through online Q&A sites like Yahoo answers, you can often develop a good feel for what the market wants very quickly.

Market research is a fundamental part of churning out marketable products. You don’t want to neglect doing it well. That doesn’t mean you can’t use a few simple methods to make it easier, though. These two tried and trued methods can provide valuable information.

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