Valuing your time

Valuing your time

Would you drive forty miles for fifty cents? Of course not. The price of gasoline alone would make the trip a financial loser. Would you walk across town for fifty cents? Walking may be free, but it wouldn’t be worth the time and effort. It would be irrational to make a long trek like that for spare change.

Strangely, many Internet marketers seem perfectly happy to walk across town for small change. They do it every time they involve themselves in a task that they can’t complete efficiently.

A good designer can throw together a core mini-page template in a matter of minutes. Someone who’s never touched the software and who doesn’t know HTML might spend hours on the same task.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to pay a designer to whip out that design while using the time saved to do something that will add to your Internet marketing profits?

Outsourcing projects to those who can do them correctly and efficiently can free up a great deal of time to focus on the aspects of moneymaking that you do best.

Stop walking across town for spare change and start using your most valuable assetyour timeto your best advantage.

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