When “free” costs you a fortune

When “free” costs you a fortune

Everyone loves free stuff. Some of us are so hooked on the idea of getting things for free that we make a concerted effort to hunt down every available freebie.

That’s very true in the world of Internet marketing world. There is a large group of people who simply refuse to part with a dime to make a dollar. They’re all about cost-control and they’ll use a free tool over one with a real price tag every time.

Sometimes, that’s great. There are freebies out there that get the job done and there’s nothing wrong with saving a little money.

In many cases, though, free can end up costing a fortune. What happens when that free autoresponder service you’ve been using goes under and you lose your list? What happens when the free blog host you’ve been relying upon for years suddenly decides to disable your account? Is it really smart to use a free template when you could increase conversions considerably with a customized alternative? Would it make more sense to hire a writer instead of generating your content all by yourself if it would double your sales?

You get the idea. Sometimes free is great.

Sometimes free can crush your bottom line.

If you want to be a marketing professional, you need to act professionally. That means recognizing the difference between unnecessary costs and valuable investments. You don’t need to give up on finding freebies, but be careful in placing significant reliance upon them.

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