Why every Internet marketer needs Adsense

Why every Internet marketer needs Adsense

We recently discussed the current health of the Adsense contextual advertising program and outlined a few things to avoid if you want to keep your publisher account in good standing. We discussed the general need for keeping an Adsense account in your Internet marketing toolbox, but we never really went into any detail about why. Here are a few reasons why you want to be part of Adsense.

Sometimes, Adsense is the quickest and easiest way to turn an otherwise valueless piece of virtual real estate into a moneymaker. Many marketers end up having well-trafficked sites or pages that simply don’t lend themselves to any other monetization format. When that happens, it’s nice to have Adsense to fill in the gap.

Additionally, there are times when you might want to have a form of monetization in place while you’re working on something else. Adsense is flexible in terms of display options and it leaves you with one potential income source on projects in progress.

There are also situations in which Adsense can still out-earn affiliate links, CPA and other options. If you’re working in a niche or with keywords that have good $ /click numbers, Adsense can still be a real winner.

You don’t need to build your Internet marketing empire on the idea of becoming an Adsense mastermind, but there are some good reasons to maintain your account and to keep the Adsense option open to you.

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