Will video kill the article star?

Will video kill the article star?

The title of this post is a reference to the first song MTV ever put on the airwaves. The Buggles presciently announced Video Killed the Radio Star. Today, as we survey the changing landscape of Internet marketing, we might want to ask if video is going to kill the article star.

Articles and textual content have been the cornerstone of the web from day one. It’s still the most common method of content delivery and it still works. That’s why you’re reading this post now. It’s far too early to claim that articles and written content are on their deathbed.

Still, video based marketing is rapidly gaining ground. People are creating the video equivalents of articles and many are claiming to produce results that put traditional article marketing to shame. As more and more users find video accessible (broadband use is increasing) and more marketers find it easier to make good videos, there is a chance that the Internet may start looking more like cable TV than an electronic library.

Video hasn’t killed the article star yet and it probably won’t. It may, however, have a substantial impact on text-based marketing while opening doors for alternative methods in the process.

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