You don’t want to beat a dead horse, but…

You don’t want to beat a dead horse, but…

You don’t want to beat a dead horse. There’s no benefit to hammering home something that’s been said many times before.

That’s a prevailing attitude among the brightest people out there. Smart folks don’t want to beat their head against a brick wall. They try and they adjust. They don’t beat that dead horse.

But when it comes to Internet marketing, they may want to consider beating it a little longer than usual.

Did you know that most sales don’t come after the first exposure to a marketing message? It’s true. Studies suggest that at least six exposures to an ad, for instance, are usually necessary to have an impact on a consumer’s psyche.

When it comes to everyday life, you don’t want to keep struggling with something that doesn’t seem to work. That can be smart. With respect to IM, however, you sometimes need to risk spending a little time beating a dead horse in order to reach an informed conclusion.

Part of following through with a project to the point of completion is realizing that the marketing effort may take some time before it starts bearing fruit. Don’t give up too fast.

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