A Brief Overview Of Software Outsourcing

A Brief Overview Of Software Outsourcing

A Brief Overview Of Software Outsourcing

The word outsourcing and offshore are normally considered as the same entity but they do have distinct differences. Outsourcing can be done within a country but offshore outsourcing means to give projects and accept projects from another foreign country. Software outsourcing means to give out software for development to companies other than one’s own.

The advantages of outsourcing are tremendous although it also depends on the nature of work being outsourced. One of them is lesser costs as compared to taking on the work in house. Outsourcing is like a temporary contract meaning that an individual or a company would be under the contract until the certain project is complete. They may be hired later if a need arises but the buyers are not bound to choose only a particular service provider.

Another advantage that outsourcing can have is related to offshore as well. A buyer can give their demands offshore and outsource it. Offshore outsourcing also has a beneficial effect on the overall costs of the project. Some countries have a higher labor cost and when the work is outsourced to countries where labor is cheaper it could help save a fortune. Companies outsourcing work also scout for countries known for a particular talent or expertise. A software development company for example would like to target companies is a specific geographical region which are reputed and known to produce quality work at reasonable costs.

Software outsourcing is not limited to the development of new software alone. There is also the option to develop the software in house and later outsource the software for testing and debugging. Software development is one part of the software market and testing the prepared software and fixing its problems is another aspect. There may also be an option to add some new features if the necessity arises during testing. So even if the software has not been outsourced for development, it can still be outsourced for testing and debugging which can help save a few precious dollars.

Countries whose software related talent pool is limited or expensive can benefit greatly from outsourcing projects to countries which boast of cheap yet qualified software professionals. This not only helps them economize and divert funds elsewhere but also ensures that quality of work is not compromised in any way. They get professional services at lower costs and get to provide the same standard of service to their customers.

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