Assertive Techniques for Effective Time Management

Assertive Techniques for Effective Time Management

Assertive Techniques for Effective Time Management

It’s not easy to tell others we’re busy, especially when they’re just trying to be friendly but at times, it will be necessary to be assertive when others want your time and attention during working hours. Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been an Internet marketer for a while now, the most important thing you can do with respect to others respecting your time is to treat your business like the business it is. Otherwise, if you lounge around in your pajamas and work now and then, others may not take you or your business seriously and may think they can call or visit at any time. Being firm about visiting after work hours is an often difficult, but necessary time management skill.

When you treat your business like a business and work a regular schedule, most people will respect that schedule. Instead of friends and acquaintances expecting you to stop what you’re doing, they’ll most likely ask you to lunch or to get together after work, as if you worked a conventional job. Self-discipline can be difficult at times but it is one of the most important components of effective time management.

One of the greatest benefits of being your own boss is that you can be flexible with your schedule. You can schedule medical or other appointments whenever you need to or attend your child’s school activities. You can name your own days off and take a vacation whenever you like. Still, in order to be as productive as possible, it is smart to keep the same schedule every day.

Sometimes, there may be friends, neighbors, or acquaintances who don’t really believe you’re really working, especially if you work out of your home. Neighbors may ask you to sign for packages or look in on school age children after school. Friends who have the day off may assume they can drop in unannounced and you’ll stop what you’re doing to visit. Although it may be tempting to do so, it will be better for you and your business if you remain firm. It can be difficult at first but you can say something like, “I’d love to visit but I’m working right now. What are you doing at 5:00?” (Or whatever time you stop working for the day). There’s nothing wrong, either, for you to sign for an occasional package but be careful not to become the neighborhood go to person or it could interfere with your work.

As more and more individuals turn to the Internet to make money, either part-time or full-time, those individuals who do work at home will be taken more seriously and won’t have to defend their time as strenuously. In the meantime, if you want others to take you seriously, make sure you are treating your business like serious business. That means being serious about time management each and every day.

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